Jazz Improv as a Metaphor for Leading in Uncertainty (2 hours)

Virtual or face-to-face delivery

Using jazz improvisation as a metaphor for leading through times of turbulence and uncertainty, concert pianist and jazz composer, Jeffrey Chappell and executive coach Sandra Martinez take participants on a dynamic learning journey of exploration. We provide opportunities to improvise on the piano and other instruments. (No musical experience necessary.) And, in this way, we explore the polarities of improvisation and performance. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their experience of improvisation in the moment as well as learn from the experience of jazz artists, thus, creating a space for you to share insights about the uncertainty and complexity you experience in the workplace and to explore how you might use improvisation to lead, innovate, and foster team synergy to build resilience and realize your goals. Bring your curiosity and energy.
“Dr. Martinez’s thoughtful, insightful approach of blending jazz improvisation with leadership tools I can use in complex adaptive systems created a powerful environment in which to learn.  My excitement and enthusiasm are heightened, and I am actively noticing paradoxes and polarities in discussions I have with my team members and leaders.”
Chief of Staff
U.S. defense agency
“I’m a trained leadership coach and I have been exposed to several tools, instruments, and resources to positively enhance leadership behaviors and habits. The way that Sandra integrated and weaved the tools and jazz improvisation together in a manner that enabled the leader to think and associate workplace complexities, almost like a metaphor, really stuck with me like no other prior learning session. I highly recommend the workshop.”
Senior Leader
National Science Foundation

We want to support you during these challenging and uncertain times

More than ever, those who surround you and your organization depend on your leadership capacity to navigate with resilience and clarity through turbulence and crisis. We highlight our Diversity and Inclusion Services – the Inclusion Index™, an organizational audit, as well as the leadership coaching and organizational development consulting that support DEI initiatives. We can help you and your organization better understand your circumstances and act to realize your commitment to constructive processes and productive development and change.

Today’s crisis is nothing if not complex and it beckons all of us to develop so we are able to meet the challenge. Through the discovery, development and action of a DEI initiative, you can deepen your individual and shared understanding of your strengths and challenges to expand your choices for more effective action.