Leading with Resilience & Clarity in Complex Times

Virtual or face-to-face delivery

Gather with other leaders for two days of highly interactive immersion. Designed to cultivate the executive presence and resilience of experienced leaders, this workshop will expand your understanding of where you are in your own development and how you might accelerate your leadership capacity. You will learn to leverage leadership paradoxes to lead with mastery and discover how you can support others on your team and in your organization to navigate successfully through turbulence and uncertainty. Fenix’s approach is based on a deep understanding of paradox, vertical development and complex systems and how these frameworks intersect to support leadership and build organizational resilience.
Through conversation, dynamic interaction exercises, reflection and other experiential learning processes learn to:
  • Adapt to the constant flux of your organizational ecosystem and the shifts in your team’s responsibilities
  • Cultivate an environment for learning and innovation to both remain competitive and grow collaborative capacity in order to effectively respond to business and societal changes
  • Foster both psychological safety and accountability for a diverse workplace so that all can thrive and contribute
  • To act and lead in the midst of uncertainty through improvisation and innovation.
Discover and practice new tools and approaches that facilitate finding clarity for action in the face of ambiguous and persistent organizational dilemmas. We use jazz improvisation as a metaphor for leading and collaborating in the midst of uncertainty. You will have an opportunity to map your key leadership polarities to understand better the dynamics of paradox and identify and practice new behaviors.