Accelerating the Development of High-Achieving Women

Virtual or face-to-face delivery

The transformation from technical expert to becoming a more strategic and adaptive leader is a difficult passage for all leaders. It can be especially challenging for women, as the organizational cultures where they work, even well-meaning ones, frequently present mixed messages about their expectations. For more than a decade, Dr. Martinez has supported high- achieving women from diverse backgrounds, professions, and socio-economic backgrounds to develop their leadership capacity and build resilience and executive presence. In this workshop, using the framework of vertical development (adult stage development) and illustrating key leadership polarities (tensions) that women often encounter in their development, Dr. Martinez, facilitates conversation, exploration and reflection among participants about how to find one’s voice and exercise influence in the workplace. In the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to map the key leadership tensions they are experiencing in order to expand their understanding of the complex dynamic of paradox, and outline specific actions they can take to accelerate their development and enhance their resilience and effectiveness.