Current Offering: Navigating complexity and paradox through Improvisation. Using jazz improv as a metaphor for leading in uncertainty, concert pianist and jazz composer Jeffrey Chappell and amateur pianist and executive coach Sandra Martinez take participants on a dynamic learning journey for 3.5 hours. We offer opportunities to improvise on the piano and other instruments individually and collectively. Together we explore the polarities of improvisation and performance and reflect on your experience of improvisation in the moment, as well as that of specific jazz artists. We create a space for you to make connections to foster insights about the complexity and the uncertainty you experience in the workplace,
performance, team synergy, innovation, and whatever other relationships you deem important. (No experience playing any musical instrument required or necessary. Bring your curiosity and


“Dr. Martinez’s thoughtful, insightful approach of blending jazz improvisation with leadership tools I can use in complex adaptive systems created a powerful environment in which to learn.  My excitement and enthusiasm are heightened and I am actively noticing paradoxes and polarities in discussions I have with my team members and leaders.”
Chief of Staff, Defense Agency


“I’m a trained leadership coach and I have been exposed to several tools, instruments, and resources to positively enhance leadership behaviors and habits. The way that Sandra integrated and weaved the tools and jazz improvisation together in a manner that enabled the leader to think and associate workplace complexities, almost like a metaphor, really stuck with
me like no other prior learning session. I highly recommend the workshop.”
Senior Leader
National Science Foundation

We are available on Fridays beginning in the Spring of 2020 to present this workshop on-site at your location. Please contact us for more information and to reserve your date.