Workshops & Programs

We collaborate closely with the client in the design and facilitation of workshops and programs to meet client objectives and to realize the successful integration of learning and new behaviors with existing teams and organizational practices. In the design of workshops and programs, we draw from our experience and understanding of strategy, organizational culture, neuroscience, complex adaptive systems and adult development to offer powerful and relevant content. We engage participants via experiential learning to support them in making sense of the topics of the workshops and programs so that they arrive at a shared understanding about how to move forward. We create a safe space to build trust, surface unexamined assumptions, and foster strategic conversation in order to leverage differences in a constructive way to reach clarity and build adaptability and resilience into the fabric of teams and organizations.
“I’m a trained leadership coach and I have been exposed to several tools, instruments, and resources to positively enhance leadership behaviors and habits. The way that Sandra integrated and weaved the tools and jazz improvisation together in a manner that enabled the leader to think and associate workplace complexities, almost like a metaphor, really stuck with me like no other prior learning session. I highly recommend the workshop.”
Senior Leader
National Science Foundation
“Dr. Martinez's thoughtful, insightful approach of blending jazz improvisation with leadership tools I can use in complex adaptive systems created a powerful environment in which to learn. My excitement and enthusiasm are heightened and I am actively noticing paradoxes and polarities in discussions I have with my team members and leaders."
Chief of Staff
Defense Agency