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Organizational Development

Fénix integrates executive coaching with organization-wide initiatives which can include workshops, seminars, and summits which we design to build  organizational capacities for effective performance and pragmatic outcomes. Fenix designs and delivers integrated programs to develop capabilities of leadership at an individual and collective level, whether the focus is building collaborative capacity across silos to increase innovative capacities, team effectiveness, accountability, strategic transformation, or another strategic area.

The organizational and societal challenges we face today require that formal and informal leaders possess the capacity ‘to shape the future in the present.’  We support formal and emergent leaders to collaborate within and frequently across organizations.  We help to create opportunities for groups of stakeholders with diverse points of view to engage in dialogues and to develop prototypes and initiate action that will shape the future.  The capacities required for productivity, innovation and sustainable performance require a high degree of mental agility and ability to leverage complexity:  self-knowledge, powers of observation and reflection, authentic listening skills, collaborative capacity, a repertoire of cognitive frameworks (mind-sets) and actions which can be accessed to meet varying challenges.

Leaders also need to gain a fundamental understanding of process and change.  Fénix’s programs give participants an opportunity to increase their capacities in these areas within a process involving interactive and highly participative dialogues, exercises, and activities.  Contingent on the need and desired outcomes of the client, Fenix customizes a program suitable for the particular set of challenges and context of the client.