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Program I:  Evolving Leadership:  Women Shaping the Future

Women bring valuable capabilities and perspectives to the leadership table; however, frequently they are unable to employ these skills and knowledge due to a number of factors.  Fenix offers an integrated program designed as one- or two-day workshops for professional women who wish to develop individually as strategic leaders.  Utilizing a methdology and process which have demonstrated their effectiveness and power, Fenix supports women in building their special capacity for leading complex programs and projects, and shaping the future within and across organizations and in ulti-sector environments.  These workshops include opportunities for personal reflection, focused dialogue, and for building a shared understanding to create a common foundation for action and transformation.  We also collaborate with participants to develop strategies to address specific challenging situations and conditions.


Program II:  Leading for Sustainable Development and Alternative Energy

Effective leadership on the part of entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of sustainable development and alternative energy is a crucial component for success in this emerging industry.  Yet, we have a tendency to focus almost exclusively on the technical challenges related to the development of innovative industries, often excluding a serious consideration of the human and cultural components and very social systems in which the changes of perception, attitude and action making possible the emergence and acceptance of innovative technologies have to occur.  Moving toward more sustainable patterns of behavior and the development and use of alternative energy imply changes of mentality and patterns of behavior at an organizational, institutional and societal level.  Again, the capacities of leaders to engender, support, and guide important shifts in perception and behavior are key to success in this emerging industry.

Fénix is in the process of designing a leadership development program for formal and emerging leaders in sustainable development and renewable energy based on a combination of existing knowledge of leadership processes and the experience of successful leaders in this area.