Fénix Leadership & Development, LLC, offers executive coaching, consulting services, and programs to realize leadership development and strategic change initiatives for its clients.

As executive coaches we use science-based approaches and processes that resonate with working professionals and senior leaders to accelerate their awareness and learning about themselves and their environment.  This approach helps to build greater capacity for perspective, dialogue, and effective action.

As consultants, we design and deliver multi-dimensional and highly participative programs in collaboration with our clients.  We focus on creating a space for meaningful reflection and conversation to build trust and generate an appreciation of individual, group, and institutional strengths and clarity about shared goals.  This foundation serves the client as a reservoir for innovation and the positive energy required to collectively shape the future to realize greater effectiveness, productivity, and sustained success.

Partnering with organizations in a broad range of businesses and organizations, Fénix designs
and delivers multi-faceted programs with a focus on leadership and organizational
development to enable innovation, high performance, organizational transformation,
consolidation and growth. We interface seamlessly with internal teams to build strategic and
operational capacity to support sustained performance.

  • Using know-how in leadership development, complex systems, strategy, organizational
    resilience & high performance to realize individual & organizational goals
  • Designing tailored science-based strategies and solutions to enhance vigilance, decision-
    making skills & innovative capacity
  • Track record of executive coaching supporting clients to realize deeper awareness,
    mind-set and behavioral change, and transform their perspective
  • History of success in supporting strategic leaders in tech, security, health care, finance,
    consumer projects, government & non-profits
  • Effectively drawing from principals of vertical development (adult stage development),
    polarities (paradox) and neuroscience to help realize client’s goals
  • Innovative use of arts and music for experiential learning, e.g., jazz improvisation
  • Offering broad range of leadership and organizational assessments.