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Our Approach

We believe that leadership involves both an individual and collective capacity.  The primary challenge for leadership today is to envision with others and then act to shape a desirable and sustainable future collaboratively.  The Fenix approach helps clients to identify and leverage the strengths and virtues of people, teams, and organizations.  We help people to see themselves more clearly and to more accurately perceive and understand the reality of the environment in which they work.  Of special value is that our approach guides people in a manner that energizes and motivates them to innovate and change.  We help clients to imagine the possibilities for a better future for the organization and society and guide them to arrive at decisions and actions that would not otherwise be possible.  Fénix also supports its clients as they development prototypes for action to create the future they have imagined.

A crucial aspect of this process is to bring about a general shift in mindset.  Collectively, people in an organization come to ‘see’ themselves and the environment around them in a different, more authentic and complex manner.  To accomplish this transformation, Fénix designs and facilitates highly participative processes with our clients involving observation, reflection, and dialogue.  We organize client groups into different configurations and novel activities to encourage the emergence of innovative ideas, processes, and structures.  This process helps clients to more fully recognize the impact of their behavior on the profitability and sustainability of their organization, to appreciate their role, and to see issues from the perspectives of other stakeholders.  In this way, we help the client to create a space for innovation and more effective action.

The Fénix process encourages leadership development by simultaneously tapping different levels of an organization.  For example, through large, whole-system events, we encourage a transformation of perspectives and understanding at a collective level.  At the same time, we support individuals in formal leadership roles and emergent informal leaders to develop higher level capacities for self-awareness, listening, collaboration, learning, and innovation.  At Fénix our work is built on the lastest ground-breaking, scientifically sound approaches that have been developed by such leading thinkers as Bill Torbert, Susanne Cook-Greuter, David Cooperrider of the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and Otto Scharmer of MIT.  Our approach has been successfully used throughout the world in multiple sectors, including private and public organizations, NGOs, governmental agencies, and not-for-profit organizations, as well as in initiatives involving multiple organizations.