Leadership MAP Assessment

Selected Assessments

Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) – Most scientifically valid and reliable instrument on the market for assessing stage of adult development (vertical development)

Polarity Map® – Visual tool, conceptual framework, and process supporting individuals and teams to better ‘see’ their preferences, understand key tensions and identify and take action to lead more effectively in complex environments

Polarity Assessment ™ – Supports teams and organizations to identify key tensions, understand their impact on their systems, and to learn to better manage these tensions to achieve goals and objectives

The Leadership Circle Profile – 360 assessment with a developmental perspective

FIRO-B®– Assessment of interpersonal needs and preferences

Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Self- report indicating psychological preferences in perceiving the world and decision-making.

Work Place Big 5 ™. – Self-report revealing 5 super-traits and 23 sub-traits of personality
relating to workplace behaviors.