Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP)

The Leadership MAP (Maturity Assessment Profile) is one of the most rigorously developed, scientifically validated, reliable, and widely used developmental assessments available. The Leadership MAP measures leadership maturity based on the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF), a powerful and empirically derived stage-based theory describing human development accounting for how adults make sense of life experiences at nine different
levels of maturity.
The MAP assesses an individual’s ‘action-logic,’ an internally consistent belief system which explains how a person is likely to think, feel, and act in particular situations. In fact, one’s ‘action-logic’ is an internal driver of behavior, whether or not the individual is aware of it. Each
successive stage or action-logic corresponds to the leader’s increasing maturity, awareness and effectiveness.
The value of the MAP is that it describes the integrated capacity of the leader at present along multiple threads of development — emotional, cognitive, psychological and spiritual. In doing so, it offers the individual and leadership coach a foundational understanding from which
to choose developmental goals, expand awareness and identify areas of focus for learning and behavioral change.
Through a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of 36 sentence completions, the MAP reflects a person’s preferred patterns of thinking and acting along three different integrated dimensions, behavioral, affective, and cognitive, including an individual’s preferred manner of interacting with others, emotional patterns, needs, and focus of perception.
What is of particular significance in today’s world is that the MAP results indicate levels of leadership development and self-mastery, measures directly relating to leading effectively in complex environments.

One of the sources of the MAP’s power is its face-validity, the degree to which it makes sense to leaders and experienced managers, offering them a means to better understand themselves, those around them and the world. Further the MAP offers a specific language by which individuals and group can describe their own personal development and that of others.
This awareness can lead to learning, growth, transformation, and more effective decision- making and timely action.

Through 30 years of research, Harvard-educated Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter developed the Leadership Development Framework (LDF). In doing so she enhanced and expanded the potential application of the Washington University Sentence Completion Test (WUSCT) of Jane Loevinger, a pioneer in Ego Development, to create the MAP. For many years, William Torbert and Cook-Greuter collaborated to enhance elements of the MAP.
Dr. Sandra M. Martínez is a certified developmental coach and is certified to score and debrief the MAP in both English and Spanish.

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