Executive Coaching (Virtual sessions during Pandemic)

To navigate successfully in today’s turbulent and uncertain environment, experienced leaders and executives need higher levels of self-awareness and an understanding of the dynamics of complex systems, as well as tools and methodologies to meet their challenges. As executive coaches, we bring to the table an understanding of adult development and learning, in addition to team dynamics and organizational systems. Thus, we are able to support and challenge the coaching client to help them make sense of their situation in order to act more effectively. We support clients to expand their range of capacities to lead their teams and organizations and to be more adaptable and resilient in the face of uncertainty. We draw from many perspectives and models which enables us to tailor our approach to meet each individual client and team where they are in their leadership development.
Executive coaching involves engaging in a coaching process for at least nine months to undertake a customized process to fit your needs and objectives, in the context of the leadership challenges you are encountering in your workplace and professional life. The process includes:
  • Intake interview
  • Selected assessments
  • Debriefing of results of assessments
  • Development of leadership development plan
  • Conversation with manager to align goals and secure commitment
  • One-on-one coaching sessions (all sessions are virtual during pandemic)
  • Evaluation of progress in meeting goals of development plan
  • Establishing a foundation for future growth and leadership development