The InclusionIndex, an Organizational Audit

6 Phases of The InclusionIndex Assessment and Change Process

Guided by key indicators of inclusion, we collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to create a visual and narrative summary report of the data. We collaborate with you in identifying areas of strength and challenges and co-design a strategic plan for development and change that is contextual, responsive, and actionable. Through the interventions and initiatives in the plan, we support you as you move through a process of learning, exploration, development and transformation, in order to realize your DEI goals. Throughout this process, we draw on advanced knowledge in the natural, behavioral and cognitive sciences. Our goal is to help you emerge as a more diverse, inclusive and resilient organization.


Through conversations, presentations, and interviews with stakeholders, we work to expand the leadership’s awareness of and commitment to DEI. At this stage we also customize the survey to meet your specific needs and collaborate with you to develop a communications strategy to engage employees to prepare them for the survey deployment.


We use the InclusionIndex to gather data about your organizational culture, policies, and practices and to identify strengths and challenges, in broad strokes and granular detail, across the organization, reporting early warning signals in critical areas. This is followed by qualitative focus groups and select interviews to contextualize the data.

Data is stored on an encrypted database (RSA encryption), with a secure firewall and the data sit on a virtual private cloud. Data is cut by countries, divisions and departments as stipulated by the client. Limitless data cuts are possible, with commentary
and focused analysis provided by gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, level of seniority/ job role, age, length of service, countryand department. Scores can then be used to benchmark levels of inclusion, either against other industry players, or against organizations from different
market sectors.


We support leadership in making sense of the results and collaborate in setting goals, based on the insights gained, in the context of the organization’s mission and strategic objectives. We co-design a strategic plan, including a cohesive map of interventions and related activities to catalyze learning and shift the culture and practices to reach organizational goals. (All recommendations are grounded in organizational science, social psychology, learning theory, adult
learning, and cognitive science.)

We help to implement the strategic plan, which may include individual & team coaching, workshops, awareness- building activities, retreats, and/or review of policies. Throughout the implementation phase, the objective is to develop the capabilities required and to maintain an organizational scaffolding to encourage learning, innovation, and the shifts in mind-set and behavior to catalyze the changes you want to see.

Leading inclusively is both part of the process and the desired outcome. We continue to support the development of individual and collective leadership and management capacity across the whole organization.

Become the leader and organization you want to be.

We want to support you during these challenging and uncertain times

More than ever, those who surround you and your organization depend on your leadership capacity to navigate with resilience and clarity through turbulence and crisis. We highlight our Diversity and Inclusion Services – the Inclusion Index™, an organizational audit, as well as the leadership coaching and organizational development consulting that support DEI initiatives. We can help you and your organization better understand your circumstances and act to realize your commitment to constructive processes and productive development and change.

Today’s crisis is nothing if not complex and it beckons all of us to develop so we are able to meet the challenge. Through the discovery, development and action of a DEI initiative, you can deepen your individual and shared understanding of your strengths and challenges to expand your choices for more effective action.