The Inclusion Index™, an Organizational Audit

Fénix Leadership & Development measures Diversity and Inclusion in an organization by means of an in-depth assessment of attitudes, perceptions, norms, policies, and processes. This audit serves as an organizational diagnosis and a baseline measurement from which to create a stronger DEI culture and practice. We administer a scientifically validated survey with strong psychometric properties, the Inclusion Index, to measure nine dimensions, which have shown to be significantly related to perceptions of diversity, inclusion, and engagement. We also gather data qualitatively, through focus groups and interviews, to offer a more detailed and accurate interpretation of the data. Through our process, we offer both a macro view and a granular picture of the data represented across the diverse demographic of employee groups. These findings are essential for achieving a deeper understanding of similarities and differences across diverse groups in their perceptions, attitudes and the impact of norms, policies and processes on their behavior. We maintain the anonymity of all participants and store the data securely. For more information about the Inclusion Index click here:
Alignment Meeting with Leadership:
The commitment of executive leadership to DEI is critical to the success of these initiatives and interventions. This meeting is designed to ensure an alignment among leaders about their understanding of Diversity & Inclusion, their role as leaders in the implementation of DEI programs, and the overall organizational commitment. This meeting involves an initial strategic conversation about current strengths, opportunities, and challenges in this undertaking.
Communication of Results across the Organization:
Fénix works with leadership to co-design a customized communications strategy to share results of the survey to support the organization’s DEI objectives. Some findings may be sensitive to one or more of the groups; our commitment is to maintain a high level of awareness about the impact of the findings on different groups so that the outcome of the communications is constructive and sensitive to and respectful of all groups.
Strategic Conversation & Planning with Leadership:
Utilizing the results and interpretation of the cultural audit and the granular data on diverse groups, Fénix meets with leadership to develop a DEI strategy and plan for programs and initiatives based on strengths and opportunities and the challenges to advance the organization in meeting its DEI goals.

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We want to support you during these challenging and uncertain times

More than ever, those who surround you and your organization depend on your leadership capacity to navigate with resilience and clarity through turbulence and crisis. We highlight our Diversity and Inclusion Services – the Inclusion Index™, an organizational audit, as well as the leadership coaching and organizational development consulting that support DEI initiatives. We can help you and your organization better understand your circumstances and act to realize your commitment to constructive processes and productive development and change.

Today’s crisis is nothing if not complex and it beckons all of us to develop so we are able to meet the challenge. Through the discovery, development and action of a DEI initiative, you can deepen your individual and shared understanding of your strengths and challenges to expand your choices for more effective action.