Founder's Statement

A Message from the Founder

We understand the enormity of the challenges that leaders and organizations face in today’s environment.  You may be asking yourself about how you can lead effectively in the midst of the complex and competing demands you face.  We have successfully supported others and want to enable you to step into your full capacity as a leader to thrive personally and professionally.  Drawing from our deep experience in science and the arts, we design and deliver services in leadership and organizational development to help you find clarity about your path forward.  We invite you to explore our services in order to build your awareness and capacity and harness the power of your strengths to reach your leadership and organizational goals.

Sandra M. Martinez, Ph.D.


We want to support you during these challenging and uncertain times

More than ever, those who surround you and your organization depend on your leadership capacity to navigate with resilience and clarity through turbulence and crisis. We highlight our Diversity and Inclusion Services – the Inclusion Index™, an organizational audit, as well as the leadership coaching and organizational development consulting that support DEI initiatives. We can help you and your organization better understand your circumstances and act to realize your commitment to constructive processes and productive development and change.

Today’s crisis is nothing if not complex and it beckons all of us to develop so we are able to meet the challenge. Through the discovery, development and action of a DEI initiative, you can deepen your individual and shared understanding of your strengths and challenges to expand your choices for more effective action.