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Firm Overview

Fénix Leadership & Development uses the most advanced approaches, tools, and processes to help individuals, teams, and organizations realize higher levels of productivity, sustainable competitiveness, innovation and strategic change.

Our processes support clients in recognizing their current patterns of thinking and acting and how these patterns impact their decision making and actions.  In this process we help our clients to identify strengths and challenges and in developing and implementing strategies for more effective performance.

We engage clients in a rigorous learning process through structured reflection, dialogue, decision-making, and action to enhance their capacity for effective leadership in the challenging complex environments we all experience today.

  • In organizational initiatives, Fénix generates momentum for development and change by integrating participative processes at several levels of an organization, working with individuals and groups, as well as across the entire organization.
  • We use interviewing techniques and other tools to encourage dialogue, reaching out to participants and stakeholders within and outside the organization to gather pertinent information, build trust among participants and create a shared understanding of the particular business environment the client faces.  Ultimately, we seek to help the client shape opportunities to act collectively to achieve personal and institutional goals.
  • Fénix offers coaching for leadership development to senior professionals or executives.   Our leadership assessments and tools offers  clients incisive feedback on the current level of individual leadership development, followed by confidential coaching sessions to help the client achieve higher levels of leadership effectiveness.
  • Coaching takes place in the context of the client´s organization and is driven by the intentions and felt needs of the individual leader.  We support individuals in learning to recognizing their assumptions about reality, and the link between this perspective and their leadership behavior, while enhancing awareness of their impact on those around them.

Fénix has substantial experience in designing and implementing leadership programs to meet specific organizational challenges.  Fénix works with leaders in business and civil society organizations, as well as strategic leaders in government, to achieve pragmatic business outcomes and sustainable and resilient organizations and communities.