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Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™: Measuring Diversity & Inclusion to Transform your Organization

In response to the palpable evidence of systemic racism in our society, many businesses and organizations have formed task forces to address the challenges of discrimination.  These organizations have taken action endeavoring to increase the degree to which their organization’s culture, practices and policies reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion.  However, to effectively design and implement programs to realize organizational change requires deep and broad understanding of the social dynamics, policies and culture of your organization across its diverse demographic groups.  For this reason, Fénix Leadership & Development is offering the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment and related DEI consulting services. 

Both quantitative and qualitative data are collected.  The results of the survey tell a story about Diversity and Inclusion throughout your organization, showing similarities and contrasts among different demographic groups, e.g., race, gender, age, sexual orientation, tenure, level of hierarchy, department, geographic location, etc., so you can fine-tune organizational interventions to realize desirable shifts and changes in culture and practices.  This cultural audit has strong psychometric properties. The administration of the survey is secure and the responses remain anonymous. 

We collaborate with you to tailor the use of the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment to meet the needs, strategic objectives, and mission of your organization and, where feasible, to interface with existing initiatives. Because of the sensitive nature of some areas of inquiry and discovery related to Diversity and Inclusion, we support you in designing a communications strategy to secure robust participation in the survey. Then, we support you in designing communications to share the results of the survey throughout your organization in ways that are constructive and consistent with your goals. Based on what you have learned about your strengths and challenges in this domain, we will help you design programs that enable you and your organization to realize the changes you seek.
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