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Leadership in the Time of COVID-19
Guidance for Effective Virtual Meetings

The current global health crisis demands effective leadership at all levels. We are working to support our clients and all leaders during this time. For a start, we offer this guidance for effective virtual meetings.

Our work is grounded in a developmental perspective, that is, the reality that adults may advance in distinct stages toward greater capacity to lead in complex environments, meeting the challenges for becoming more adaptable to sustain leadership success. Our current global predicament is nothing if not complex. The guidance offered here for virtual meetings accounts for complexity, ambiguity and the need for innovation, as well as continuity, and the paradoxes inherent in all complex processes that strategic leaders must manage.

By Sandra M. Martínez, Ph.D., President

Preparation Beforehand:

The Meeting:

Leverage the Polarities (Paradoxes) of a Virtual Meetings:

The paradoxes of leadership are many. These are the interrelated values, behaviors, and strategies that seem contradictory, but are equally important to sustained success at every level of a system, individual, team, organization, industry, and society. Each of us usually has a preference for one pole or the other of each paradox and we are unaware of the downside of an over-focus on our preferred pole. As we mature in our leadership, we recognize the value of the opposite pole and learn to move back and forth between an emphasis on each pole to effectively lead in complex environments. Some polarities at play in virtual meetings:

Key Polarities at Play in a Virtual Meeting

Concluding the Meeting:

FINAL NOTE – TECHNOLOGY: Speaking of dynamic, interactive meetings, become familiar with and make use of the technology available to you. For example, using Zoom, the raised hand, break-out meetings, polling function, and, of course, the chat box are available to you.
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Laura Mendelow
4 years ago

What a rich article full of tips and strategies that leaders can apply immediately. I love how you incorporated the polarities of meetings as well to demonstrate the on-going tensions of this virtual working world. Thank you for offering these tips and insights!

Jeffrey Chappell
4 years ago

As a college professor, I found that this entire article brings into focus how I can maximize the effectiveness of working with my students in our new virtual learning environment. Since portions of my curriculum deal with leadership roles, I plan to share it with them as a guideline for their own academic excellence. Thank you, Sandra!

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